The Beloved Alqosh Hosts the Activities of the Second Day of the Syriac Cultural Week 2022

The activities of the second day of the Syriac Cultural Week 2022 were launched with a recitation of a poem by His Excellency Bishop Mar Paul Thabet Habib, Pastor of the Chaldean Diocese of Alqosh, which was organized by the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts in the Kurdistan Region. The event was conducted at the Alqosh Youth Forum Hall, on Friday, December 9, 2022, with the presence of a distinguished audience.
After a dance performance delivered by the Barmaya troupe of Beit Zalin / Qamishli in Syria, the host of the ceremony, Eva Habib, sincerely welcomed the audience. The poet Latif Paula recited a poem, followed by a theatrical performance entitled “The Rioters”, written and directed by Basil Shamaya, starring: Noel Toma, Ewan Abdel-Masih, Jawhar Freddy, Rita Jamil, and Christian Zahi.
The activities of the second day continued with the participation of certain poets, namely: Siham Jubouri, Hermuz Moshi, and Perwin Shamoun, who recited selected poems. This was interspersed with dance paintings by the Barmaya troupe. Then, a poetic dialogue entitled “Grandfather and Grandson” was presented by Basil Shamaya and the child Youssef Masar Al-Saffar.
The second day also witnessed an emergence of a dialogue session centered on the oral heritage of our people in its cities, villages, and various areas, in which Michael Benjamin, Latif Paula, and Behnam Shamni participated and moderated by Ameer Boulus Ako.
It is worth noting that the town of Alqosh will host the third day of the event, Saturday. The activities of the Heritage Day within the Syriac Cultural Week 2022 will continue for the period from 8-12 December 2022, moving from Nohadra – Dohuk to Alqosh (Friday and Saturday) and Telskuf in the Nineveh Plain. Then, it will conclude its work in Zakho. Its program includes a variety of cultural activities, art exhibitions, and dialogue sessions, in which a group of creative people from among our people participate.

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