General Director Appreciates Efforts of Cadres and Members of Syriac Cultural Directorate

On Sunday 2 June 2024, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Director General of Syriac Culture and Arts, Kaldo Ramzi Oghanna, held a meeting at the Syriac Heritage Museum’s hall in Ankawa district centre, with department and division directors, as well as cadres of affiliated directorates, to discuss the upcoming work plan.

During the meeting, Oghanna appreciated the efforts made by the cadres and employees of the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts, as well as all its affiliated directorates and institutions, for the distinguished efforts they made during the activities and events held by the Directorate in the past period, especially the Third Annual Open Book Fair and the “Children’s Day” celebration held on the occasion of International Children’s Day within the activities of the Ankawa Festival.

Oghanna stressed that, “the responsibility placed on the cadres of the General Directorate, in all its directorates and divisions, requires them to do two important things: the first is their job duty, which they perform with sincerity and dedication, and the second is that their work in this national aspect imposes on them more responsibility and greater care at work,” calling for strengthening this cooperation during the activities and events that it is hoped will be held during the current year.

The meeting witnessed a discussion of the work plan for the remainder of the current year, in addition to discussing the most important activities and events that the Directorate will hold in our people’s various regions during the coming period.

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