Regional Components Affairs Minister Praises Efforts of Syriac Cultural Directorate’s Members

His Excellency the Regional Component Affairs Minister, Aydin Marouf, praised the efforts and work of the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts’ members in organising and managing the activities held by the General Directorate in all its various directorates and departments.

This came in a letter of thanks and appreciation, written Sunday 30 June 2024, , in which the Minister honored all the male and female employees of the General Directorate and its affiliated departments, especially the Directorate of Heritage, the Syriac Museum and the Syriac Library, for their effective role and efforts in holding cultural and heritage festivals and events, which help preserve our people’s cultural heritage and work to introduce neighboring peoples to our ancient civilisation.

On the 13th of last June, Syriac Heritage and Museum Director Bernard Youssef received His Excellency the Regional Component Affairs Minister, Mr. Aydin Marouf, at the Syriac Museum building in Ankawa district centre, on an official and inspectional visit to official government institutions concerned with the cultural heritage of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s national components.

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