Syriac Culture Launches (Syriac Arts Ensemble)

The Syriac Arts Ensemble, affiliated to the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts, began its training under the supervision of two specialized trainers coming from Syria. To participate in cultural and heritage activities and events, inside and outside the country.
Benjamin added, “The troupe began its training under the supervision of: (Ramtha Shamoun) and (Tony Shamoun), the supervising coaches of the Bermaya Troupe, in Beit Zalin / Qamishli, 30 Jan 2023. The exercises included dances and dances inspired by the Syriac heritage, as well as lectures. A theory about folklore and the ancient roots of folk dances and their occasions.
The (Syriac Arts Ensemble) was founded in late 2022, and it includes a group of talented young men and women from different towns and regions where our people are present. The General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts had announced its intention to form this ensemble and invited those wishing to belong to it to register, then formed a committee To test large numbers of applicants, current members are selected according to technical criteria and conditions.

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