Syriac Culture Restores Glory to Syriac Theatre with Khala Toma

In the midst of a distinguished public presence, the Syriac Theater Department of the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region presented its first stage production in the form of the theatrical show “Uncle Thomas” (Khala Toma), in the courtyard of the Ankawa Social Youth Club on the evening of Thursday 3 November 2022.

The play was prepared by Sabah Hormuz Al-Shani based on the text “Uncle Vanya” by famous Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, translated into Syriac by Kawthar Naguib and directed by Pierre-Louis Cher.

It is noteworthy that the play was shown for two consecutive days in Ankawa, coming after years of stagnation in the theatrical movement in general and the Syriac one in particular. The new administration of the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts has thus taken it upon itself to revitalize Syriac theatre and work to reactivate it by supporting our people’s talented young playwrights.

The play will also participate in the activities of the theatre festival organized by the Directorate of Theatre in Erbil. We hope that this will be the first step in the process of restoring the brilliance and activity of Syriac theatre in expressing our people’s reality and we look forward to the future with eyes full of ambition.


Setting and Scenario: Sabah Hormuz

Translated by: Dr. Kawthar Naguib

Directed by: Pierre-Louis Cher

M. Director: Dylan Khalil Khorani

Theatre Director: Sivan Sabri Khorani

Actors by appearance:

– Avin Baher

– Dylan Khalil Khorani

– Hadir Kunda

– Emad Sobeih

– Marseille Elia


– Ali Nawzad

– Hozan Sherzad

– Raha Muhammad


– Repin Askar

Lighting design and implementation:

– Bass company

– Atta Bouza

– Firas Najma

– Fadi Abboud

Costume design and makeup: Sayed Hassan

Organizing officer: Rasha Hormuz Yako

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