The Syriac Culture and Arts Directorate in Dohuk Holds an Art Exhibition

On Sunday 18 September 2022, Kaldo Ramzi Oghanna, Director General of Syriac Culture and Arts in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, inaugurated the art exhibition held by the Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts in Dohuk at the hall of the Mar Ith-Allaha Church. He was joined by Shimon Shlimon, Deputy Governor of Dohuk, Raed Jirjis Oraha, Director of Syriac Culture in Dohuk, and Father Youssef Yaqo Khoury, together with the participation of a group of creative people from among our people, and in the presence of a number of representatives from political and governmental institutions and the municipality, as well as a large gathering of art lovers and well-wishers.

The exhibition included artistic works that varied between sculpture, drawing, woodturning, embroidery and glass painting, as well as handicrafts created by the artists: George Al-Najjar (Alqosh), Marie Sawa (Dohuk), Vivian Ayou (Dohuk) and Santa Sadiq (Alqosh).

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