Tomorrow, the Launch of the Syriac Cultural Week 2022… Cultural and Heritage Diversity and Richness

Raed Gerges, Director of Syriac Culture and Arts in Dohuk, said that his directorate, which is affiliated with the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts in the Kurdistan Region, is working in full swing to accomplish full preparations for the launch of activities (Syriac Cultural Week 2022) with wide and varied participation from inside and outside the country, expressing Unparalleled cultural, heritage and artistic richness and diversity enjoyed by our people. Mr. Gerges announced that the activities of “Syriac Cultural Week 2022” will start at 3:00 PM on Thursday, December 8, 2022, at Muhammad Aref Jaziri Hall in Dohuk. The ceremony includes a collection of artistic and cultural activities, ranging from dancing to paintings. The Barmaya Ensemble coming from Beit Zalin / Qamishli, Syria, and the performance of the Kanara Orchestra from Baghdida, the capital of the Syriac culture, as well as poems by poets of our people from various villages and towns, playing music, and showing a short film about Nohadra. Then, a discussion session will be conducted, moderated by Laith Benjamin, on “The Reality of Syriac Singing” with the participation of Shlimon Beit Shmuel, Ninab Lamassu, and Youssef Aziz.
Mr. Gerges stated that the activities of the Syriac Cultural Week, which will last from December 8-12, 2022, in Dohuk, Alqosh, Telskuf, and Zakho, will include several cultural activities, art exhibitions, and dialogue sessions. In Alqosh, a dialogue session, directed by Amir Boulos Akko, will be conducted on “Oral Heritage” with the participation of Michael Benjamin, Latif Paula, and Behnam Chemni,. In Telskuf, a dialogue session entitled “Our History” will be held with the participation of Professor Amer Al-Jumaili, and Rakan Faraj Azar, and will be moderated by Bernard Youssef.
He added that in Alqosh, in addition to other activities, a will play entitled “The Rioters” will be presented and it is directed by Basil Shamaya. Moreover, a Heritage Day in Alqosh will be dedicated, as part of the festival’s activities, to include dancing, paintings, children’s activities, and a theatrical show entitled “The Mother-in-law and the Daughter-in-law’, directed by Raed Jajo, in addiotion to a presentation of folklore costumes of our people’s towns. The Heritage Day will be concluded with a ‘Traditional Singing’ night with a group of artists of our people: Danny Asmaro, Ninos Adour, and Martin Hermoz, all of which are accompanied by the opening of exhibitions of plastic art, handicrafts, and heritage, as well as traditional food and bread of all kinds.
The Director of Syriac Culture and Arts in Dohuk said that the activities of the Cultural Week are witnessing a quantum leap in terms of organizing various and important events in places where this has not been done before. For instance, Tal Asquf and Zakho will witness a group of activities such as reciting poems, playing, singing, and art exhibitions of all kinds.
It is worth noting that the activities of the Cultural Week include, in addition to the opening of several plastic art exhibitions and handicraft exhibitions, a book fair organized by the Syriac Culture Library at the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts, which moves with the events moving to the villages and towns of our people.

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