Syriac Cultural Directorate Remembers the Late Dr. Saadi al-Malih

On Thursday 30 May 2024, the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region commemorated the tenth anniversary of the passing of the Directorate’s former Director General, the author and writer Dr. Saadi Al-Maleh.

The Directorate’s commemoration included a visit by the current Director General, Kaldo Ramzi Oghanna, accompanied by the Directorate’s cadres and employees, to the Raja’ Cemetery in Ankawa, and laying a wreath on Dr. Saadi al-Malih’s grave.

The General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts’ delegation was accompanied by theater critic Sabah Hormuz and writer Peter Nabati on its visit to Dr. Saadi al-Malih’s gravesite.

During his speech on the occasion, writer Peter Nabati affirmed that, “the period during which the late Dr. Saadi al-Malih was Director General of Syriac Culture and Arts was the height of the Directorate’s prosperity,” noting that “the current period has witnessed distinguished activity in the work of the Directorate through openness to various fields of Arts and culture.”

At the conclusion of his speech, Nabati affirmed that the current administration will develop its work for the better on the same approach and with greater determination, following in the footsteps of writer Dr. Saadi al-Malih.

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