Syriac Museum Receives Regional Component Affairs Minister

On Thursday 13 June 2024, Syriac Heritage and Museum Director Bernard Youssef received His Excellency the Regional Component Affairs Minister, Mr. Aydin Marouf, at the Syriac Museum building in Ankawa District. The Minister was on an official visit to inspect official government institutions concerned with the cultural heritage of national components in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

The two sides talked about the possibility of joint cooperation, as His Excellency expressed his great readiness to support and enhance the Syriac heritage. Also discussed were the results of the government delegation’s recent visit to the Republic of Türkiye, which included the museum director, who accompanied His Excellency, as well as the implementation of recommendations taken for the festival scheduled to be held this October.

His Excellency Minister Aydin Marouf toured the museum’s corridors and expressed his great admiration for the changes that occurred in many of its corners compared to what he saw during his visit to the museum about two years ago.

At the conclusion of the visit, His Excellency the guest minister recorded his admiration in the visit log, and bid farewell with the same warmth with which he was received.

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