The great artist Ricardos Youssef in the hospitality of the Syriac culture

Keldo Ramzi Oghanna, Director General of Syriac Culture and Arts in the Kurdistan Region, received the great Iraqi Syriac artist, Ricardos Youssef, coming from the USA, accompanied by a group of media professionals, in the General Directorate building, on Thursday morning, 02 March 2023.

Ricardos Youssef expressed his happiness at the warm reception, praising the cultural and artistic achievement presented by the General Directorate, which has made its mark strongly in recent times, wishing it abundant success and more progress and prosperity.

Oghanna stressed that the doors of the Syriac culture are open to all, as it stands in respect of the great experiences of the artists and intellectuals of its people and at the same time embraces the young energies according to its annual agenda, which it devotes throughout the current year to ensure diversity and the involvement of everyone in its various events and activities.

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