Film director Nasser Hassan hosted by the Syriac culture

On Wednesday, 26 April 2023, Kaldo Ramzi Oghanna, Director General of Syriac Culture and Arts in the Kurdistan Region, received Iraqi film director Nasser Hassan, in the directorate’s building in Ankawa district in Erbil governorate.

Hassan was accompanied on his visit to the directorate by producer and director Baz AlBazi, where the meeting dealt with the reality of cinema in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the difficulties and challenges facing cinematic work in the region, and ways to solve them for the sustainability and success of the work.

Oghanna stressed the importance of art in conveying the humanitarian message, expressing the General Directorate’s readiness to cooperate with all cultural and artistic institutions.

It is worth noting that Nasser Hassan is an Iraqi director, born in Khanaqin 1948. His beginnings in directing for television were in the early seventies of the last century, and his name shone as a distinguished director of documentaries, and in this field he has many international achievements and participations.

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