Syriac culture inaugurates the second open book fair in Ankawa

On Wednesday, 17 May 2023, the Syriac Library of the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts of the Kurdistan Regional Government opened the Open Book Exhibition, in its second session, near the Syriac Heritage Museum in Ankawa District, Erbil Governorate.

The exhibition started its activities by opening its various pavilions, then the library’s director, Fayhaa Shamoun, delivered a speech in which she emphasized that “our book fair has become an annual tradition and a shrine for many guests, writers and thinkers,” noting that “such exhibitions are thriving cultural seasons that contribute to revitalizing the cultural movement and motivating society.” on reading.”

The library’s speech was followed by an artistic paragraph by the Ornina Academy band, then the signing ceremony of the book “The Grapes of the Vine” by Father Kyriakos Hanna, which was presented and introduced to the audience by the poet Salah Sarkis, took place.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition included a musical performance by Delawr Marks, followed by a discussion session moderated by (Laith Benjamin), which focused on the issue of (the scarcity of publications and the decline of readers, how can we write down and document our current era) by Dr. Haitham Hadi Al-Hiti.

The first day concluded its activities with another artistic performance by the Ornina Academy band.

It is worth noting that the Open Book Fair, in its second session, will be held for the period 17-18 May, and its activities will include dialogue sessions and artistic and lyrical performances.

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