“The Body in Zuhair Behnam Burda’s Poetry”: Title of Master’s Thesis at Al-Hamdaniya University

On Sunday 30 June 2024, student Muthanna Mahmoud Hussein Sayer discussed his thesis titled “The Body in Zuhair Behnam Burda’s Poetry,” to obtain a master’s degree, at the Deanship conference hall of Al-Hamdaniya University’s College of Education for Pure Sciences.

The discussion committee, which was chaired by Prof. Dr. Khalil Shukri Hayas, consisted of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ayed Attia and Dr. Farah Adwar Hanna, while the researcher was supervised by Prof. Dr. Ammar Ahmad ‘Abd al-Baqi.

The discussion was attended by the Director General of Syriac Culture and Arts, Kaldo Ramzi Oghanna, a delegation from the Union of Syriac Writers and Authors, the family and friends of late poet Zuhair Behnam Burda, as well as a group of those interested in Arab and Iraqi literature.

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